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No dream is big enough !

You don’t have worry about how big the investment has to be; think about how big the idea really is. Just remember: big ideas, big investments. We’ll help you build the big plan that big ideas need. Our expertise and experience in the Business Management industry will be the tool for your success.

IntelliCreation aims to collaborate hand-to-hand with small businesses and entrepreneurs to provide the information, the experience and the intelligence to map out the needs and scheme an efficient business plan for their ideas.

Once it’s properly planned, written and polished, we’ll help you bring your ideas to the best investors to present your business plan.

What exactly is a Business Plan ?

It’s one of the most important parts of making a business out of an idea. A business plan is the clearest, most efficient and profitable definition of your business. It’s the setting of goals and the guidelines to achieve them. When you think of a business plan, think about this: what is it that I expect from my business? How am I going to make this happen? A business plan must be, in essence, the answer to those two questions.

Why is a Business Plan necessary ?

A business plan is the strategic tool that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses. It’s the implementation of the idea for business. Writing a business plan is important both for you and for the investors. Writing it will be the enough for you to know and understand your own ideas, and reading it will define the decision of those who are willing to invest.

Your business plan will be an ID card for your ideas, will contain all the data the investors need to know, and will provide the information about how to put that idea in practice to make it successful and profitable.

In summary, the business plan is the key to success.

What’s IntelliCreation ?

We’re a coalition of experts dedicated to make great plans for great ideas.

Our team is formed by a panel of business management experts that create customized plans on a hand-to-hand hard work with entrepreneurs. Our work is to think of creative ways to effectively run a new-born, competitive company. We’re made of the best and maintain business relationship with the most successful companies.

We work hand on hand with you, to guide you step by step through all the process of making your dream business true.

What do we offer?

Our offer is the experience, expertise and knowledge of our qualified team of business management experts. We will help you create the smartest business plan and the most profitable financing project plan for your ideas.

IntelliCreation will fit all the details, every single aspect and requirement that your dream business has, into the most efficient business plan, and then help you find the best investors.

We offer to be your ally!

Why trust IntelliCreation ?

Transparence is our foundation. Our interest is to help the business market to grow, to help businesses flourish. IntelliCreation will work with you, hand to hand.

Our staff is exceptionally qualified. We will take the time to explore, study and determine every aspect of your ideas, working by your side in the planning of your business. Our experience and knowledge can help provide the information you need to put your thoughts in order, to be able to project a clearer view of your dreams and ideas.

Within our group of professionals, you will also find the business managers that will help you find the investors for your plan. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Business Plan Writing

As an entrepreneur, having a business plan helps you to define and focus on your business ideas and strategies. You not only concentrate on financial matters, but also on management issues, human resource planning, technology and creating value for your customers.

On the other hand, potential investors or lenders want a written business plan before they give you money. They need to know where their capital is going, what’s going to happen with it and what exactly the risk is. A successful business plan is the one that, by providing all that information, convinces the lenders to invest.

Our elite business plan writers will help you get it done.

Project Plan Writing

Every business plan comes with a project plan; a specific, step-by-step guide on how to make the business work. Project planning consists on the understanding of the scope and the value of the project, which requires the conduction of extensive research, finding answers to the right questions, and being able to create a defined outline of the ideas for business.

Its initial purpose is to kick-start the project by convincing the decision makers (the people who control the funds e.g. the Project Board or Steering Committee) that the project is viable and will meet their needs and timeframes, budgets, expectations. Many viable projects have floundered at this stage due to poor planning and communication. That’s why, if the planning is wrong, the project won’t pass the test.

At IntelliCreation, we’ll make sure to understand your product and guide you on how to face it, give it a form and sell it effectively. We offer the best project plan writing.

Business Management Consultancy


Our team of business management is always willing to give an answer to your questions. Our Business Management Consultancy service aims to provide you with the proper assessment you need to create your own goal-oriented business and project plan. We can help you generate a plan of action for short and long term for your business.

Business Management Consultancy Services in Sri lanka

Our specialized group of professionals’ help include:

  • Goals establishment: Before even taking the first step on the way to success, it’s crucial to realistically set the goals you are willing to achieve in short and long term. A successful company needs to have its goals properly established. That will determine the plan of action required to the achievement of each and every one of those goals. By carefully studying your business ideas, we’ll provide you the assistance you need in this process.
  • Identify resources: Once the goals are set, the next step is to determine what we need, what we have and what we lack. A project needs to specifically take into account every single resource (both human and financial) required for its realization. This will give you an objective base to start accomplishing the goals already set.
  • Prioritize goals and tasks: Organization is a priority. After the goals are set, it’s important to prioritize them, in order to be able to design the proper tasks to achieve our plan of action. IntelliCreator’s staff will rank, order and prioritize your goals and every single step you have to take. Your success is our success.
  • Timelines and assignments: It’s important to understand that everyone should do their part of the job. Dividing tasks is one of the essential parts of making a functional group work. Just as important is to set the time lapses that every task will entail; it helps optimize the possibility of achievement of each task. On this step depends the plan’s completion on time.
  • Establish evaluation methods: It’s precise to follow the accomplishment of every task by continuously evaluating their progress. This can only be achieved with an evaluation plan that takes care of the business and its goals, every step of the way.
  • Identify alternative courses of action: We always need a plan B. It is important to take into account a margin of error that assumes the probability of failing in some task. In order to prevent this, a back-up plan for every task is essential. Every plan needs a contingency plan in case of adversity.

IntelliCreation provides business, project and investment plans for small, medium or large business (and business opportunities).

Take a chance with us and let’s create the business of your dreams!

Business Investment Services in Sri lanka

Business Investment Services


Finding Investors

One of the most (if not the most) challenging parts of starting a business is finding the investors. To be able to convince them, you need to have a viable business plan, know how much funding assistance you need and what it will be used for. The right way to do it is always the smart way.

What is a Business Investor and about investors ?

The business investor will be the person or company that will boost your business from the ground; it’s the person or company that allocates capital into financial schemes, shares, properties or commercial ventures with the expectation of achieving a profit in the future.

They put the money… Investors will provide what your business is lacking to get it running and, in exchange, you’ll agree to give up a portion (share) of your business or build a repayment plan with the company.

Investors take the risks. That means that if the business fails, they fail along.

This is where the business, project and investment plan enters the race. Investors will need viable concepts and solid plans on how to make a business grow, to make an idea become a reality. At the moment you approach an investor, you’ll have to make sure to have detailed information about your business.

With every step we take, you’ll be learning how to determine the type of funding that your business needs succeed, and the kind of deals you need to make for it to happen.

With your plan in hand, our team will help you to find the right investors and present to them our tailored business ideas.

Business Investment Services in Sri lanka

Our Investing Services


IntelliCreation is here to help you fund your business.

We can help you find investors for your small business and help it grow. We are here for those who own a small business (or have an idea for one), want to expand your company and help it reach the level you wished. We can help you strengthen your business plan by adding supporting data and realistic figures that will help you achieve your desired financial goals.

Types of businesses we help


Who do we support ? 

IntelliCreation is willing to support chosen small business and entrepreneurs with good ideas and concepts. Whether it’s a startup in need for a full business plan or an ongoing business lacking investors to grow, we are there for them.

We are the planners and we can be the investors.

IntelliCreation can consider investing in small local businesses and startups in sectors such as Agriculture, IT and Manufacturing industries. We can also help them create a full, viable business plan they can count on. We’re interested in making small businesses grow so the whole market grows along.

Why choose us?


Our mission is to help business people to start businesses and expand existing businesses to help the local economy grow. We have the brightest minds in the business world and we always work hand-to-hand with our clients through custom-made methodologies to achieve a unique and highly functional business and project plan. In the process, we create friends and allies in business.

Our reasonable plans and great experience are there for you to boost your business. We will address every concern and business constraint. Talk to us today and let us take your business to a completely new level.

IntelliCreation waits for you to face challenges together!

How to contact us?

Send us a quick message or an email using our contact page.

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