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Why Us ?


Starting a business..

Starting a business is no easy thing; it could even be scary for some entrepreneurs. In a world of wealth creation and intelligence rallies, competence is always tougher, and dreams are every day harder to come true. It’s important to walk along great allies and people who believe in our personal and professional desires in order to get the inspiration and the strength needed to front adversities.



Our mission is to help business people to start businesses and expand existing businesses to help the local economy grow. We have the brightest minds in the business world and we always work hand-to-hand with our clients through custom-made methodologies to achieve a unique and highly functional business and project plan. In the process, we create friends and allies in business.



Planning is the most significant factor in any business and IntelliCreation is your best partner when it comes to creating business plans that are guaranteed to help clients make the best decisions, facilitate funding and boost the company’s performance. Our highly talented team stop at nothing when laying the foundation of your business since we always want it to be strong, inspiring and profitable.

Who We are ?



IntelliCreation.com is founded on inspiration, knowledge and the positive side of ambition. We want people to know and hold on to their ability to create. Our team of experts will challenge your assumptions, make you think differently about your business and make the whole process enlightening and enjoyable. At the end of the day, no business can run without the owner’s confidence.

IntelliCreation waits for you to face challenges together!


Intelli Creation Founder


Arnold Gunawardena

With over 30+ years of experience in top-level management, Arnold has played a major role in the success of many businesses. His vast experience and expertise are invaluable to any business, whether small, medium or large.