Business Investments

Business Investment Services in Sri lanka

When you have a viable business plan for your start-up and you know how much funding assistance you need and what it will be used for, it’s time to start looking for investors. Though it’s a scary step to take, it must be fronted with intelligence, confidence and will.

Who is a Business Investor ?

A business investor is a person or company that allocates capital (puts money) into financial schemes, shares, properties or commercial ventures with the expectation of achieving a profit in the future. This is someone who funds a business to boost it from the ground. Investors will provide what your business is lacking to get it running and, in exchange, you’ll agree to give up a portion (share) of your business or build a repayment plan with the company.

Investors take the risks. That means that if the business fails, they will be the ones losing money. That’s why it’s important for small business lenders to have viable concepts and solid plans on how to make a business grow, to make an idea become a reality. At the moment you approach an investor, you’ll have to make sure to have detailed information about your plan for starting, implementing, running and growing the business.

We can help you.. 

IntelliCreation is here to help you find business investors for your small business in Sri Lanka and help it grow. If you own a small business (or have an idea for one), want to expand your company and help it reach the level you wished, then we’re here for you. We can help you strengthen your business plan by adding supporting data and realistic figures that will help you achieve your desired financial goals. Even if you have nothing but ideas, we can help you create a compelling plan from scratch. IntelliCreation provides the skills, the vast knowledge and the huge experience your business needs to take flight.

But we’re not done once we’ve written a plan. IntelliCreation involves you from the very beginning, so we can learn about your visions and ideas while teaching you how to visualize them properly in terms of financial applications. With every step we take, you’ll be learning how to determine the type of funding that your business needs and the kind of deals you need to make for it to succeed. And once we have a plan, our team will find the right investors and present to them our tailored business plans.

Who do we support ?

IntelliCreation is always looking for small business and entrepreneurs with good ideas and concepts. Whether it’s a startup in need for a full business plan or an ongoing business lacking investors to grow, we are the answer. We’re interested in making small businesses in Sri Lanka grow so the whole market grows along. IntelliCreation can consider investing in small local businesses and startups that require from USD 500 to USD 2500 in sectors such as Self employed home based small businesses, Agriculture, IT and Manufacturing industries, if they already count on a full, viable business plan.

We are the planners and we can be the investors. Our reasonable plans and great experience are there for you to boost your business. We will address every concern and business constraint. Talk to us today and let us take your business to a completely new level.